DesireDoll will make your latex caricature. This is Rubbergirls

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with updates by NewPony on her ongoing Balletboot training

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  Latex wedding dress
For sale so make us an offer, if it's good and quick enough we can ship straight away
Size 8
perfect for that fetish shotgun wedding
hat not included

Transparent Latex Catsuit
For sale so make us an offer, if it's good and quick enough we can ship straight away
hood & gloves not included

Size 8


Sixties Mini Dress
For sale so make us an offer, if it's good and quick enough we can ship straight away
hood not included
stockings not included

size 8


Transparent Catsuits for Men ! Nothing is left to the imagination !
For sale in our shop

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Top Quality Latex and Leather whips for sale in our shop.
These have been handmade for us by a Norwegian craftsman
For sale in our shop

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  If you like any of the clothes that
the male model Axel is wearing in our Doll Photoshoot well we designed and made them all you can see them on our ultimateslut website. The latex briefs and thong have shaped pouches, the Spikey hood has inflatable spikes for that Mohawk look. Lastly there is a Latex singlet

Hobble Bobble Skirt
275 GBP free shipping

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Model Mayhem

The Cool Punk Britannia outfit shoot with Psylock_se Unique and very cool she will be wearing it at the London Fetish Weekend

click on image to go there

Latex wedding dress with Trail and inflatable bustle ! Modelled by the very single Psylocke_se

click on image to go there

A Transparent Latex Catsuit, matching hood AND a trail with an inflatable bustle mixing modern Erotic with classic Victorian

click on image to go there

Step back into the swinging sixties with a Victorian edge

click on image to go there

New Photoshoot with Rubbergirl, her new dress and the Stars and Stripes Ballhood ! RG's new dress includes an inflatable Bustle :-)

click on image to go there

This is the second part of the Doll shoot where we see New Pony in an ourtageously constricting latex outfit. With a neck corset and brace, a tight corset and armbinder over a latex catsuit with megaboobs !! This is one of my all time favourite shoots New Pony does an amazing Benson character !
click on image to go there

Menage-a-trois Three people in a Vacbed ? two guys and one girl it looks amazing check it our here

By popular demand the Ballhood is now back in production ! The reason that it hasn't been available is because we couldn't find the original medical grade tubes and didn't want to supply an inferior product but we have now found the tubes so the ballhood is now available here

This is the first in the Doll Shoot here we see New Pony being strapped into her restrictive corset and then have her armbinder added click on the thumbnail to go there

Axel, Milieu and New Pony break some boundaries with our latest photo shoot which will be here soon have you seen our new front page well that is just a taster

Alice in Wonderland a classic Walt Disney Movie.. This is our take of it , in latex of course. New Pony wears one of Custom Lolita dresses, stockings and Ballet boots. Milieu wears a custom Mad Hatter Jacket and Hat with jeans and his own t-shirt all in Latex of course. Photos now here

Pony Girl training in Public now goes to Queen Street. I have split this video into two parts click image to view

Flinders Railway station played host to these set of photos
click image to view

PonyGirl training in Public watch New Pony being trained in the streets of Melbourne ! New Pony and her master Milieu showed the people of Melbourne how a Pony Girl is trained truelly unique Video !Shot by Vidking and Rubbergirl. There will be several parts to this video

Hosier Lane Melbourne is an amazing street so good we decided to do an extreme latex video here is the amazing video and you can buy that amazing inflatable skirt here

Union Jack Vacbed ! Yep I know its OK for us British people. BUT we can make this Vacbed in just about any flag Photo shoot is here video is here

VacBed Photo and video shoot starring our New Vacbed and Rubbergirl. Its been a long time since our last shoot so we were really looking forward to this shoot and we weren't disappointed the video is here photos coming later

Bizarre Magazine interview with Peter Czernich about our Balloonbody If you want to read the article I now have a copy and its here

BlowUp Doll a new story by Vidking read it here

Blowup Doll

New FREE movie as a preview from the members site but this is the whole video. Its called Gasmask Sex and shows RG clad head to toe in Latex with a Dildo attached to the breathing tube that connects to her Gasmask, she is forced to breathe in her own sex smells. Incredibly sexy and free just mail me on how to get it. The video is in mpeg1 format the file size is 29 Megs and the video is 5 minutes 35 seconds long. Because of the explicit nature of this video it cannot be viewed on the normal movies page. To get access just email me and i'll reply with the link.
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New Movie of New Pony showing off her skills on Ballet Boots. There is a sequel to this where New Pony is required to serve with her arms tethered together with an armbinder.
Just click on the image to play the movie