I have always had a particular kink for women covered in leather or latex, I think that I was deeply affected by Emma Peel in the Avengers. Even from the age of 10 I have vivid memories of Honor Blackman and later on Dianna Rigg blazened all over our black and white TV. The images stayed with me through to my teens until  I had the opportunity to get some girls to wear some of the gear.

My first real girlfriend was OK with Stocking and corsets and even had a leather skirt , but I wanted more..she didn' fact this situation repeated itself several times until my later years when I met Rubbergirl as she is known here.

Rubbergirl not only pandered to all my fetish dreams she also included a few of her own and we developed together, she is just as kinky as me, perhaps more so.

Rubbergirl got a job making Rubber clothing, but thats her story ...

My main contribution to the business is to create this web page and all the contents, video, photos and research.

For those interested this website is hosted on two servers I use Netsource hosting for which is the free site and I use Entangled web for the members site.

Current equipment used is:
Cameras Video
Sony VX2000
Soy Trv900
Sony PC1
Videos are edited in Adobe Permiere 6.5 or Pro on my Laptop or AMD 3gig PC using a Pinnacle DVD500 capture card

Cameras Still
Canon 10D Digital SLR
Olympus E10

Edited in Photoshop 7.0

If you want any more info you can email me at


Hi,   Well I guess if you are looking at this site then you too, like me,must have a fetish for Latex.

Well I did not realise that I did have a fetish for it, until some years ago when I met my husband, he introduced me to a side of me that was just lusting to come out, and since that day I can honestly say I have never looked back, in fact I keep wondering what is just around the corner !!! Wow can life get any better ?

I just can not get enough of it, I love the way it feels against your body, so tight against your skin, and when I put my hood on and pull my hair through, I feel like I can be anyone that I want to be..... maybe me.... maybe not me....   All nicley shined up and panting for action !!! I just let myself go and all those sexy feelings with it....

These are just a few of my reasons for liking tight rubber enwrapped around my body, maybe later I will tell you some more, you"ll just have to keep looking in hope won't you!!!

So now not only by night do I wear rubber, by day I make it, wow what more could a nice girl like me ask for.

So all you fellow Latex lovers out there if you like what you see, why not drop me a line on:-

I look forward to hearing from you.

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