Madame Kerstins Halloween Party


This Part was held on the 30th October at Papa Pe' restaurant in Stockholm. We, Rubbergirl and myself, arrived at around 11.00 our suprise the party was buzzing already. The night just kept bringing more and more suprises this was obviously not a Normal fetish Halloween party, the standard of outfits was incredibly high, the people there had gone to a lot of trouble for their Halloween attire. Another thing I liked was that this was a fetish night not a strip naked night or a lets screw each other night. The emphasis was on dressing for pleasure and I loved it. The Party was a marked contrast to the over the top Parties I had attended in Amsterdam, here there was never any hint of trouble and the only time anybody was hassled was by people complementing each other on their outfits. This party may not be for the outrageous but it was certainly for the fetish people. I really hope that this party becomes more international but at the same time keeping its atmosphere because I think that more people should be able to experience an alternative fetish night out !


It gets my 10/10

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