Blow Up Doll

Claire stumbled back home after another drunken night, she fumbled with her keys only to realise that she hadn't locked her flat door. She continued to stumble into her flat when she realised that there was a light on in her bedroom. Startled back to some form of soberness she decided to investigate. She carefully opened her bedroom door. What she saw stunned her ! There was Andy from the flat below shagging hell our of a Blow Up doll. There was enough sense about Claire to realise that she had somehow managed to get into Andy and Anna's flat just below hers. She should have walked out, run even, but the sight of "gorgeous Andy" fucking a doll was way too exciting to leave. Whilst Andy continued to fuck the Doll, Claire wondered what had happened to Anna, she had seen them earlier in the week and they seemed happy enough. Claire continued to watch she watched him move from the blow up dolls plastic pussy and start thrusting away at her plastic mouth. "Thank god that's a plastic doll as she watched the entire and not inconsiderable length disappear into the poor Dolls mouth. Andy made sure that the doll got it all as his pelvis banged against the dolls face. It was rough sex at its best, Claire was beginning to get aroused at the sight. It didn't take long for Andy to come, he groaned as he ejaculated deep into the dolls throat. Shortly after coming Andy disappeared into the shower. "Love em and leave em" Claire thought as she considered a man performing sex like that on a woman and just walking out. Claire continued to think about the scene she had just witnessed, she decided that this was just the opportunity she needed to get a god shagging by a guy she had fancied for ages and was obviously now single. Claire moved over to the bed carefully listening for the shower, she looked at

the Doll it was obviously a better quality one, compared to the ones she had seen in Sex shops. It didn't have the cheap plastic seams, it did have the same huge inflatable tits and the typical Blow up dolls face with its wide open mouth and eyes. Andy had added a leg spreader to the dolls legs and a similar contraption that connected the dolls metal neck collar to its wrists holding them high up. The metal poles were in turn fixed to the bed. Keeping the doll in a strict position movement was clearly not allowed. Claire thought about poor Anna, she was a gorgeous blond; she owned the local hairdressers and clearly enjoyed her job as she sported a new hairstyle almost every day. One day Claire had seen Anna with shoulder length blond hair and the next evening she was with Andy and her head was completely bald shaved to a shiny gloss, then the day after she was back to her long blond hair. Claire had looked for long enough she wanted to replace that Doll and give Andy a good proper shag, she went over to the doll and pushed it one side with the intention of shoving it off the bed. Well that was her intention but the Doll just stayed put, she tried again but it was clear that this doll was much heavier than the normal blow-up doll. Claire inspected the Plastic doll, she run her hands over it, it was warm and moved, the skin wasn't plastic but had a slithery pink rubbery feel to it. Claire was beginning to feel that this scene wasn't exactly what it initially seemed. She moved her fingers further down the dolls body and touched its pussy, it moved ! she felt the pussy it was fully lined but the covering was so thin that she could feel pussy lips under the skin a bit further and she felt a large clitoris. Claire jumped back in stunned shock, this wasn't a doll at all it was some woman wearing a dolls outfit. Claire guessed that it must have been Anna in that outfit, she was confused why would such a gorgeous woman want to wear this demeaning